Calculate your carbon footprint and offset it by buying trees through Stone Circle Livery. You can also request a certificate framed or unframed to acknowledge your carbon offset. There is no profit made and all funds go towards planting trees. We need to plant a further 46,000 trees to complete the conservation programmes in woodland planting and hedgerow creation. Buy buying trees from Stone Circle Livery you are maintaining the natural woodland of the United Kingdom and helping the longer-term future of the planet.

Use the carbon calculator to calculate your footprint and buy trees right here, right now!

We also have a number of conservation programmes that require serious investment in excess of £5,000. If you feel you could help please email Susi at and we'll tell you about the projects that need investment. Thank you from the organic team at Stone Circle Livery.

Carbon Calculator


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Buy Trees Online

Stone Circle Livery has undertaken planting in conjunction with the Forestry Commission, Kent Wildlife Trust and other conservation organisations. We only plant native species to compliment the semi-ancient natural woodland that forms part of Stone Circle Livery. Varieties include Silver Birch, Ash, Oak, Hornbeam, Wild Cherry, Hawthorn, Buckthorn and Hazel. Tree planting labour is provided on a volunteer basis to make donations go further and buy more trees. Prices quoted include protective spirals and canes.

1-10 trees £53.20
10 – 20 trees £106.40
20 -30 trees £159.6
30-40 trees £212.80
40-50 trees £266
50-60 trees £319.2
60-70 trees £372.4
70-80 trees £425.6
80-90 trees £478.8
90-100 trees £532
150 trees £798
200 trees £1064
300 trees £1596
400 trees £2128
500 trees £2660
1000 trees £5,320


PDF Offset Certificate £3.50
Your email for certificate
Framed Offset Certificate £18.99
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