Horsepower is what makes a man happy

The Stone Circle Livery Land Rover is a 1982 series 3 88” Chassis. We acquired the car from a chap in Wales and did a direct swap with our old Morris Minor. The vehicle had an overdrive unit and a current MOT so it was a perfect vehicle to start work on. We stripped it down as much as possible and thankfully the chassis was in really good condition. We fitted Range Rover differentials to improve the speed by about 25% and have now also fitted a 200tdi defender engine. It goes like a little rocket and pulls 3.5tonne no problem at all – even uphill.

The interior has quite a few gadgets, a moulded floor, a kenlowe pre-heat system, heated windscreen and an amazing stereo. We run the car on biofuel and have no issues to report. The vehicle changes a lot and now has a silver Ifor Willliams top on the back. Now, all the bling! Well, why not? There isn’t another like it.

If you want any details on the car email us at

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