what you leave behind is how you will be measured

Below you’ll see the core set of principles that sit at the heart of a Stone Circle Livery. We have found that many of our principles and values are mirrored and shared with our clients. We sum up our values, mission and vision in a few simple words that we feel reflects the spirit of our business and the passion of the people behind it.

‘Guardians, Genuine, Gorgeous and Green'

The success of our business is a success for the environment and this is in turn is a success for the equine industry as a whole. If you share our vision, keep your horse with us. If you have an equine business and you want to go organic we’ll point you in the right direction. If you just want to know more please contact us info@stonecirclelivery.com

The Stone Circle Livery Vision

To create and evolve a leading UK equine business through rural diversification with biodiversity at the core of its being.

Our mission statement – Why we want to be in business