what you leave behind is how you will be measured

Here are some of the people you'll meet at Stone Circle Livery. We are a passionate bunch and strive to offer high standards. We follow a belief that horses and the environment go hand-in-hand. Stone Circle Livery is a quiet place and that is the way we like it. Come down to the yard and meet us and see why Stone Circle Livery has become a leading United Kingdom equestrian business.


Susi Anderson
Owner and Livery Manager

Susi runs, manages, lives, sleeps and breathes Stone Circle Livery. A fully qualified Veterinary Nurse, Susi applies her skills providing exceptional high standards of care and service for horses and their owners. Susi's vision of an environmentally managed livery yard has seen Stone Circle Livery become a leading award winning equestrian business. Susi is married to Paul the Land Manger at Stone Circle Livery and has two children. Feel free to email Susi if you have any questions at info@stonecirclelivery.com


Paul Anderson
Land Manager

Paul is the Land Manager at Stone Circle Livery and holder of the Pioneering Rural Land Management Award. Environmental management around horses takes a lot of work and planning. Paul is passionate about everything countryside and his energy can be seen growing all around Stone Circle Livery. From planting rare wild flower seeds and over 45,000 trees, Paul can be found on a hill or in a wood or trundling past on a tractor. Paul owns 'Jerry' the organic horse. If you want to know more about the pasture and management at Stone Circle Livery just ask Paul at info@stonecirclelivery.com